New Max Promotional Videos From Chuck and Gena Norris

  Chuck Norris is an international icon and media star.  Now, as Max International Media Spokespersons Chuck and Gena Norris are your hosts for these four videos that introduce the Max products.  In “From Our Home to Yours,” the Norris’ welcome you to their home where they explain, in clear and simple detail, the science [...]

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Finding a Solution for Your Economic Instability

  Our Current Economic Instability If you’re worried about the state of your finances, employment, or debt then you’re not alone.  According to a recent Gallup poll, 69% of Americans’ number one concern is the economy. The individual concerns about the economy include: lack of job creation (6%) outsourcing of jobs to other countries (6%) [...]

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As Middle Class Shrinks, Another Recession Looms

  The Great Recession was the most trying and difficult economic time of the past 50 years, but don’t think that we’re out of the woods yet!  The slow pace of the current economic recovery means we could easily fall into a new recession. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warns that the United States will [...]

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U.S. Trending Towards Lower Household Debt, But Fewer Jobs

  There’s some good and bad news for those of us faced with the prospect of rising debt.  Overall household debt is lower, but there are fewer ways to pay down the debts we do have. The good news is that Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that overall household debt has declined $1.3 [...]

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Small Gains Can Mean Big Business

  Co-CEO of Max International Dave Bagley is an avid bicycle racing enthusiast and competitor, so he was one of the first to take notice when the professional British bicycling team Sky won the Tour de France this year.  The secret to Team Sky’s success is something that Dave feels can benefit everyone in Max [...]

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Fruit Juice as Harmful as Soda?

  We all know that soda and energy drinks are bad for our children because of their high amounts of caffeine, sugar and other additives.  But, did you know that fruit juice can be just as bad? A recent report by the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that beverage companies aggressively [...]

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Finding Certainty in a Recessed Economy

  Is This As Good As It Gets? In the brilliant comedy As Good As It Gets Jack Nicholson dispenses insults and hilarious one-liners as an obsessive-compulsive writer who eats breakfast every day at the same restaurant.  Helen Hunt plays the only waitress willing to wait on this brute who is so worried about cleanliness [...]

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Is Caffeine Stunting Your Emotional Intelligence?

  A lot of us use caffeine-drinks like coffee and soda to get through the day, but could these “pick-me-ups” be doing more harm than good?  We’ve all heard about the inherent risks of using too much caffeine, including the old wives’ tale about how it can stunt your growth.  Caffeine may not actually stunt [...]

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Post Work-Out Food and Drink are Vital to A Good Recovery

  We all know how important recovery is after a big workout, but did you also know that what eat and drink immediately after you’re finished is just as important? The Sports Medicine section of has several articles about how and why everyone needs rest and recovery after a major workout or extended exercise.  [...]

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Higher Glutathione Levels Reduce Muscle Inflammation and Fatigue

  If you’re an athlete and you’re serious about performing at a high level, then you can’t afford to ignore your glutathione levels.  Glutathione (or GSH) plays a fundamental role as your body’s master antioxidant in improving how long you’re able to be active before tiring.  The higher your levels of GSH, the longer it’ll [...]

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