Congratulations To Max Ghana’s New Diamond Associate:

Dr. Rutherford Sam-Sowah

With great excitement, we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic Congratulations to Dr. Rutherford Sam-Sowah for your commitment and drive to accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

Your inspiration, integrity, and desire to improve your life and the lives of others reflect the true spirit of commitment, diligence, and caring for our global Max family. For your exemplary efforts establishing you as a role model for all Max Associates and for positively representing our Max  Mission and Vision we, your Max Family, gratefully thank you.

Dr. Rutherford: His Journey to Diamond

For much of his life, Dr. Rutherford Sam-Sowah, a Ghanaian, focused on his studies. He completed his tertiary degree at the College of Health, proudly becoming a Medical Practitioner. Then he received his post position assignment – a permanent one – at Juaben Municipal Hospital. He took his post and took a closer look at his salary. What did he find? His income was insufficient in meeting his monthly needs, let alone the dreams he had of owning houses across Ghana, of leading business enterprises, of giving to his family, and more. Even with three jobs, he needed more income. And he needed less stress.

So he started searching for a solution. Then his friend Evans Kwakye Java introduced him to Max, sharing the potential in Max’s Opportunity. Dr. Rutherford meditated on the possibilities, tried Max’s superior products, and joined Max on May 12, 2015.

Since then, he says,

“I have come to see significant change in my health and finances. I feel much closer to realizing my dreams. I did the Max business with all my strength. I entered into it full time because I trusted everything about the business. Building my business to the Rank of a Diamond has been challenging, involving, and very interesting.”

Focused and determined, Dr. Rutherford Sam-Sowah is now earning an income that will allow him to achieve his dreams. His  journey to Diamond has positively affected his personal development. He’s grateful to his teammates and mentors, including Sir Java, Williams Gyimah, Dr. Bright, and all of the other “awesome leaders in Ghana”. Their teamwork is inspiring and together they are creating success for themselves and others.

“I am grateful to God, Corporate, Ghana Max Leadership,  and to all members of the Gamechangers team, Team YKN, and Stars Team for making my journey to Diamond a reality.”

Congratulations again Dr. Rutherford on building a legacy for yourself, your team, and all Associates who follow.


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