Congratulations To Max Nigeria’s First Diamond Associates:

Dr. James Obieze Osolu and Mrs. Okwuchi Osulu

With great excitement, we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic Congratulations to Dr. James Obieze Osolu and Mrs. Okwuchi Osulu for your commitment and drive to accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

Your inspiration, integrity, and desire to improve your life and the lives of others reflect the true spirit of commitment, diligence, and caring for our global Max family. For your exemplary efforts establishing you as a role model for all Max Associates and for positively representing our Max  Mission and Vision we, your Max Family, gratefully thank you.

Dr. James Obieze Osolu and Mrs. Okwuchi Osolu: Journey to Diamond

Dr. James Obieze Osolu is a Nigerian-born, Ghanaian-trained Medical Doctor with what he describes as a “heavenly desire to inspire, promote & create happiness.” He thanks his parents and family for making it possible and giving their all to provide him with the very best education he could receive. As many people are leaving Nigeria searching for a different life, he believes that there is a lot of work to be done there and has returned to help build his country into an even greater one. And he plans to have fun while he’s making it better.

Mrs. Okwuchi Osolu is a Brand Executive for an advertising company. She is dedicated and committed in her life and her work. She has strong ambitions to be successful, to find fulfillment, and to positively impact her life and the lives of those around her. Just two months before joining Max, she met Dr. Osolu and since then, she has been his greatest supporter and partner in building their success. Their passion and dreams motivated them and together they achieved the rank of Diamond in just under three years.

Of their amazing journey, Dr. Osolu reveals,

“Partnering with Max has been an awesome and challenging adventure — one which rewards commitment and focus. Within just 3 years we have experienced more personal growth, success and significance than we would have ever achieved in 10 yrs. Together, we’ll soar like eagles and rewrite not just history, but ‘our story’.”

Congratulations again Dr. James Obieze Osolu and Mrs. Okwuchi Osolu on building a legacy for yourself, your team and all Associates who follow.


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