Congratulations To Max Ghana’s New Diamond Associate:


With great excitement, we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic congratulations to Williams Gyimah for your commitment and drive to accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

Your inspiration, integrity, and desire to improve your life and the lives of others reflect the true spirit of commitment, diligence, and caring for our global Max family. For your exemplary efforts establishing you as a role model for all Max Associates and for positively representing our Max  Mission and Vision we, your Max Family, gratefully thank you.

Williams Wapmaster Gyimah: Unstoppable Path to Diamond

Williams Gyimah, from Ghana, has always had big dreams and a lot of hope and he’s always been a hard worker. Throughout his schooling, he was supported by his family. He considered himself and his family poor, but everyone who could assist with his education and success did. He had dreams to end the chain of poverty. He focused on becoming a successful and helping his family because he had become the ‘flag-bearer’ and they had worked to give him opportunities that many others didn’t have.

So, he started his studies in integrative medicine. Later he was admitted to the College of Health to become a physician’s assistant, then went on to become a doctor. During this time, he still struggled for income and to keep his head above water, he worked repairing people’s laptops — fixing their computers for extra money. In 2014, when he couldn’t provide his sister with some money she needed, he realized he had to do something else. That’s when he was introduced to Max International and learned about the Max Opportunity and all its amazing possibilities. After he attended a Max BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting), he said the presentation ‘blew his mind’.

On February 7, 2015, Williams joined Max. In one month he became a Bronze Associate. And in just under three years, he has become a Diamond Associate. He has done things he’s never done before and ventured to places he’d never seen. He took his first plane ride after joining Max, bought his first car, vacationed in places he never dreamed he’d be. His life keeps getting better and better and he works diligently to help others achieve their dreams. There’s no limit on what Diamond Associate Williams Gyimah will achieve. He knows everyone has the same opportunity and says,

“You have to decide to be above average and once you decide to be that, you are unstoppable!”

Congratulations again WILLIAMS GYIMAH

on building a legacy for yourself, your team,

and all Associates who follow.


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