Congratulations To ANOTHER Max Diamond Achievement in Ghana!

Congratulations To Max Ghana’s

New Diamond Associate

Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong

With great excitement, we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic Congratulations to Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong for your commitment and drive to accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

Your inspiration, integrity, and desire to improve your life and the lives of others reflect the true spirit of commitment, diligence, and caring for our global Max family. For your exemplary efforts establishing you as a role model for all Max Associates and for positively representing our Max  Mission and Vision we, your Max Family, gratefully thank you.

Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong: His Journey To Diamond

Diamond Associate Mr. Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong grew up in a humble home in what he calls ‘the slums of Ayigya Zongo” in Kumasi — a city in Ghana. He became a Pharmacy Technologist in 2013 after graduating from the Kumasi Technical University. Then he started working in hospitals and community pharmacies — juggling several jobs at a time because he needed more income and he wanted to be successful.

During that time, he also had a family to support and he wanted to continue his education. Feeling the pressure and needing to make ends meet, Mr. Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong had to do something more. On January 16, 2016, he joined Max. He calls it “the biggest breakthrough of his life” and it came at a time when he needed “money like oxygen” to care for his family. He says his life became a success story when he became a Max Associate. Since 2016, his life has changed for the better and he describes it as “nothing short of bliss”.

He is now a full-time Max Associate and lives by example as a beacon of hope to his family and two young entrepreneurs in Kumasi who also hope to turn their lives around with the Max business opportunity.

Mr. Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong saw the Max Opportunity and realized the potential for more income, time, and financial freedom. He says he is grateful for Max and is achieving Success with Significance.

Congratulations again Bernard Gyamfi Frimpong

on building a legacy for yourself, your team,

and all Associates who follow.


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