In this past May, Max welcomed the 4th Diamond from our Malaysia market. The story relating to this Diamond rank advancement is interesting and very special. The new Diamond is a Malaysian Chinese, Chan Sew Geik, known to her friends and team as Sister Geik. She is from Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia and is the downline of Teh Siew Tuan (Amy, Diamond associate). Sister Geik leads a powerful Chinese Max team. She joined Max on February 22, 2016 and since the beginning of her time in Max her approach has been unique. She has used Max as a force in her charitable agenda.

Sister Geik is a caring social worker and leader in her community as well. In addition to encouraging her family, downline and friends to use Max products regularly, she has used the business for her team to be able to do everything they can to help the poor, sick and helpless people in her community. The team regularly purchases Max products and have regularly given products in excess of their personal needs to various old folk’s homes. The seniors look forward to the donations and very much enjoy the health benefits of the products. Sister Geik and her team have many phenomenal personal testimonials and view MaxOne as a staple of their own diets. In 2018, Sister Geik and her team have a special goal– the team is going to use their Max commissions to rebuild a dilapidated temple and to build public toilets in a poor village. They are also continuing to use Max products to improve the health of the villagers and elder monks and nuns.

Diamond, Sister Geik appreciates very much the Max office’s support she receives and is grateful to her uplines Teh Siew Tuan (Amy, Diamond associate), Woon Yew Shean (Platinum associate), Woon Yew Chin (Platinum associate) and all of the other awesome leaders in Malaysia. She also extends a special thank you to Jennifer Tsai, the Max Managing Director of Chinese Markets. (See picture below).

Please congratulate again Sister Geik on achieving Max Diamond and for
building the Max image with your charitable leadership!

– Jim Stevralia
President: Max International

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