Associates – Like You – Who Achieved Diamond Prestige in 2018


New Max Diamond Associates Are Celebrating

A New Rank And Another Elevated Level Of

The Max Lifestyle!

Help us Celebrate! These Max Family Members stayed focused, duplicated what they learned, felt the surge of Momentum. And Now? They’re Max Diamond Associates. See how they got here!

Obadia Amankona

Obadia Amankona’s dream job “was to be rich”. Growing up, he often heard,  “We don’t have money”. He promised himself one day he would be financially stable. So he became a nursing officer, expecting to make a lot of money. He realized his income would not make him rich. As the family provider, he got worried and started searching for another job.

Obadia states,

“The year 2015 was the worst year in my life. I was broke and broken and sick and tired of breaking promises to myself and the people around me.”

In December 2015, Double Diamond Sir Java Evans invited him to a Max Business Opportunity Meeting. He thought about the plan, went home, borrowed money from his mother, and got started with Max on December 30th, 2015. In 2 months, he reached Bronze. In 2 years – he became Platinum. And in April 2018, he advanced to Diamond. He achieved Diamond in time to venture to Max’s Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.  He fulfilled his promise to himself and enjoys his life on the rise.

Dinnah and Noah Kajoh

Dinnah And Noah Kajoh joined Max on October 16, 2013. Dinnah had searched for a new product that was unique, better than the others. Her health depended on it.  A friend she knows introduced her to Max International. When Dinnah learned about the Max Opportunity, she decided to join Max — on October 16, 2013, under Sponsor Osita Emmanuel.

Max’s products are world-class products because of the science that backs them.

Exchange rate fluctuation has been difficult. She and Noah focused on success, remained determined, worked diligently and, in amazing time,  achieved Diamond status this past April. They reached this remarkable milestone in time to accept the invitation to Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

Managing the business and being a Minister’s wife was tough at times. But the Max Family helps one another and that inspires them. Dinnah now has financial freedom, even helping others with the enrollment fee. She reveals,

“Max has transformed my life from a civil servant to becoming a civil  KING. As a diamond, my earnings increased.”

Prayers, patience, perseverance, endurance and focus helped them achieve Diamond!

Joshua Nana Nsiah

Joshua Nana Nsiah studied hard to become a Medical Practitioner. He dreamed of a better future for his children, financial freedom, a home, and more. His salary was not enough to allow him to do any of the things he expected he would be able to do. So, he supplemented his income by working long hours at many hospitals.
Crown Diamond Dr. Bright Wiredu introduced Max to Joshua. And he was skeptical at first. But Dr. Bright was persistent and persuaded Joshua to join Max.  On March 31, 2018, Joshua became a Diamond Associate. He says his passion, persistency, drive, and vision helped him reach Diamond. He is grateful to Max and Dr. Bright Wiredu and now enjoys the financial freedom he worked hard for.

And, for achieving this prestigious rank when he did, he qualified and attended Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

Paul Nyamekye

Paul Nyamekye was the first in his family to earn a tertiary degree and was a full-time high school Chemistry teacher. During that time, he struggled financially. Life was very difficult. Paul’s family depended on him for support and he needed more income to provide for everyone.

In March 2016, Diamond Associate Richard Wiafe showed Paul the Max Opportunity. Soon after,  Paul joined Max. At first he struggled, but with Double Diamond Sir Java’s help, Paul advanced to Bronze, receiving more income than he ever did as a teacher. So he quit and focused full-time on his Max business. In just two short years, he achieved Diamond. In June, he joined the adventure and experienced Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

Of his Max experience, he writes,

“My journey has been successful due to the amazing mentorship of Sir Java and Sgt. Richard Wiafe and the support of ambitious young men and women from the MaxItUp Team in Kumasi.”

Mr. Jude Albert & Dr. (Mrs.) Albert

Mr. Jude Albert & Dr. (Mrs.) Albert are medical professionals. They’ve never offered any kind of supplements to their patients. But, in November of 2016, Dr. Chidi and Dr. (Mrs.) Uzo Oguine introduced them to Max products and they were taken by the science. They became Max Associates because the products were efficacious, and evidence-based. Dr. Nagasawa’s and his team’s dedication, tenacity and resilience for 25 years to provide this amazing molecule that is greatly impacting the world still inspires them.

They were so tenacious, they became Diamonds in 2018. They, too, made the exclusive journey to  Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

Now they envision their dreams again. They believe that to ensure one’s future is to create it. They reveal,

“Our advice to other Max Associates is simple. This business is about teamwork, so be a good team player and genuinely love people and help them to grow, for this success is your success…Whatever is born of God overcometh the world. “



Dr. Kwaku Ohene-Asare

Dr. Kwaku Ohene-Asare is a busy man. He has extensive experience in many things. A lecturer, an Associate Fellow, a Visiting Professor, a researcher, an economist, and among many more things, a business entrepreneur. The list is long. Add to that one more title: Max Diamond Associate.

Dr. Asare carefully considered joining Max. With such reputable abilities and as an intelligent businessman, Dr. Asare’s decision to make Max a part of his life is a testament to the integrity and merit of Max International. Dr. Asare builds his Max business to supplement his income.

He says,

“One cannot depend on a single source of income, but may venture into a business to generate residual returns.”

He earned his rank and his way to  Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

He now researches Medicinal Chemistry with Explicit Emphasis on Glutathione Enhancement through RiboCeine™, entrepreneurship, and referral marketing.


Godfred Opoku

Godfred Opoku is a professional teacher versed in Psychology and Accounting with Computing — in which he graduated first in his class. He enjoyed teaching. But, his father lost his job, lost a lot of money, and his mother was forced to close down her shop for other reasons. This was an extremely difficult time.
Godfred realized that his income was insufficient for taking care of his family. On September 16, 2016, he joined Max International.

Luckily his dream was to become a successful entrepreneur in order to help his family escape financial hardship. He learned about the Max Opportunity from his friend Pastor Henry Ntow. Recognizing the potential to increase his income, he became an Associate. His journey to Diamond has taught him all about entrepreneurship and has been remarkable, including his trip with other Diamonds to Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.


Amy Teh Siew

Amy Teh Siew joined Max in May 2012. She decided to become a Max Associate because of the uniqueness and efficacy of Max products and the potential of building a business. Her sponsor is Double Diamond Rachel Thomas. In May of 2017, she became a Diamond Associate (and attended this year’s Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru).
She describes her life before Max as normal. Since joining Max, she lives comfortably with more income. Unlike her previous jobs, Max International enables her to build a wide network. Amy has the confidence and fortitude to overcome obstacles because she believes in Max and Max’s products. Nothing can stop her from building Success with Significance.

She reveals,

“To succeed in any network-marketing business, the formula is:

‘Do what it takes to succeed and Do it Willingly.’ ”

Dr. Mathew Yaw & Rebeccah Aboagye Nketiah

Dr. Mathew Yaw is married to Rebecca Aboagye. They have one child.  After secondary school, he became a Medical Practitioner. Rebecca Aboagye became a nurse.

Their dreams are to stop poverty and to create a lasting legacy for their families’ future generations.

Their lives changed when Diamond Rutherford Sam-Sowah shared the Max Opportunity. They realized they could achieve their dreams with Max. So that’s what they did! Now they are Diamond Associates and experienced the Max Lifestyle at it’s finest by venturing to Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru.

They are proud of who they are today, continue to build their businesses, and look forward to their future with Max.

Nketiah Yaw Mathew writes,

“The personal development we have gone through and the experience that we have encountered are significant enough to have an impact on our lives in regards to how we think, feel and read. We are grateful to God, Corporate, Max Leadership and…Team Galaxy for making our journey to Diamond a reality.”

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