Update: Max’s Yearly Renewal Fee Policy

To All Associates:

On July 1, Max International sent an Update via email, posted it on the Max Blog and in Max News with information referencing the change in policy to Yearly Renewal Fees, due dates, and updated fee schedule for late Renewal Payments, effective August 1. That information can be found in the following article and blog link:

‘Update:  Max’s Yearly Renewal Fee Policy”


To follow are instructions and information on how to pay your renewal fee. Plan ahead and pay in a timely manner without having to pay a late charge.

  • Login to your Virtual Office at www.max.com, choose SHOP from the left column navigation on your Homepage, find ‘RENEWAL’ from the options listed across the top of the page, then complete your transaction by following the prompts.
  • Contact Max Customer Care at 801-316-6380 and pay the renewal through one of our Customer Care Reps.

Per Max’s Updated Policy, any Yearly Renewal Fee each year that is not made within the thirty days after your renewal due date (or anniversary day and month) will receive a $10.00 USD late payment charge.

If you have any questions, please contact Max Customer Care at 801-316-6380 or email your inquiry to support@max.com and you will receive a reply within three working days.

Avoid unnecessary fees. Know your renewal date and pay using either of the above methods.


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