Max Gives Back: Peru, 2018

Significantly Successful 
Successfully Significant 
Diamond Retreat 2018: Peru 

There they were. Max Diamond Associates and Max Executives gathered high in the Andean mountainscape, ready to get going. They were headed to a small village somewhere down the road from Machu Picchu. They were ready to represent the Max Family in one of Max’s greatest traditions. They were ready for:

Max Gives Back: Peru, 2018!

The goal for the day was to meet the schoolchildren, split into groups,  and improve the school by painting walls, building fences, and delivering the donations (school supplies and learning resources) given by Max employees, Diamonds, Executives, and others. So, they came prepared, arrived at the village, arrived at the school building, and met the schoolchildren.

The day was underway…

The remainder of the day and the event as told by Jennie Neff, Max International VP of Global Events and Recognition (the best on earth!)

We made a cash donation to the school – in addition to the many gifts, supplies, and work we completed that day during Max Gives Back in Peru.

ESA (the travel company we worked directly with in Peru) also contributed to the fund collection.  and was able to purchase and deliver many very much- needed supplies to the school after our stay.

These items are extremely significant to these kids and we have definitely left a positive impression. We met many wonderful, friendly people and children. We succeeded in creating positive changes and they were significant to us and to all those in contact with the school and local community.

Attached is a group photo with one of the teachers and the school’s director. Part of the monetary donation was used to purchase some electronics and other updated, innovative items.  

The school director received the multifunctional printer, an HD projector plus an Ecran / Screen, electricity stabilizers, and some economic help for fixing electronic connections in the School.

To EVERYONE involved in Peru’s Max Gives Back — Thank you!

To Those not involved directly, but in the Spirit of Max Gives Back — THANK YOU!

Well done team!! Thank you!!

Jennie Neff, VP of Global Events and Recognition

This Is What We Call

Success With Significance.

We Are Max International!



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