Max’s World-Class Recognition Program Updated To Celebrate The Significant Things You Do

As Max Momentum continues to build, we at Max recognize the significance of the work Max Associates diligently do. Efforts across all ranks are exceptional. To show our gratitude and support, and to ensure all incredible work is recognized and rewarded, we made Max’s World-Class Recognition EVEN BETTER!

We added recognition within ranks for Associates who achieve and maintain ANY rank and are Paid-As that rank for three, six, and nine months (out of twelve).

We’re Recognizing and Rewarding Successful:

Personal Growth

Recognition varies by rank and includes one or some of the following:

  • Acknowledgment in Max International’s Virtual Office.
  • Congratulatory email
  • Congratulatory Video
  • A congratulatory postcard
  • Live Recognition at an Official Max Event
  • Signed Certificate and Letter from Max CEO and GM
  • Picture Recognition in the Max Hall of Fame at the Corporate Office
  • Priority Seating at Official Max Events
  • Complementary set of Max-Branded Custom Three Piece Luggage
  • Official invitation to the Max Diamond Retreat
  • Max Waves rank pins
  • Max-branded gear and gifts
  • Invitations to Max’s exceptional rank advancement training

Max International’s Recognition Program

Celebrating The Work You Do!

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