August 16th: Cabin Assignments Sent To You By Email

Beginning August 16th:

Emails With Cabin Assignments and

Final Confirmation Instructions


Last Day to Register for A Cabin is August 15TH!

You Must Use Your Cruise Points (and pay the difference in USD currency, if necessary) to Register for a Cruise Cabin By August 15th, 2018, 6:00 PM, MST

Beginning August 16th, Destinations (Max’s travel-planning partners for The Americas 2018: Cruise To Convention) will send an email to every Associate who paid with Cruise Points or Cruise Points and USD currency and registered for a cabin.

Important Information About The Email to Remember

The email is important and will:

  1. Contain your cabin assignment
  2. Contain instructions on how to confirm your cabin reservations with the Cruise ship The Allure of the Seas (this step must be completed in order to join the cruise).
  3. Be sent to you by Destinations
    • So, make sure to check your email daily
    • Check your SPAM folder in case you don’t receive it

Additionally, after August 15th, Destinations will manage all the remaining details, accommodations, and confirmations for Cruise to Convention. Therefore, any questions or concerns you have regarding cabins, the cruise, or other inquiries can be answered by Destinations (not Max International).

If you do not receive your email by September 1, 2018, or if you need assistance, you may inquire by:

  • Contacting Caroline Altom at Destinations at (801) 446-5000
  • Calling toll free at (800) 748-4777
  • Emailing your question to
  • Going to, choosing the Contact tab from the top navigation menu, scrolling to the bottom of the pages, and entering your question in the space provided.

Cruise to Convention information will continue to be updated and provided from now until the Big Event begins! This will be another Epic Experience brought to you by Max International!

There’s still time to claim a cabin, so get on board and join the Max Family!

Confirm your Cabin 
Complete Your Confirmation
Come Cruise With Us!


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