Ghana’s Epic Kick Off on July 21, 2018

The Electrifying Momentum of
Max Africa Rising

Max International Associates and Executives gathered in Ghana for the highly anticipated 
Ghana Kick Off Event on July 21st

Close to just 4 years ago, Max International made its debut in Africa. And Ghana was the first country on this epic continent that experienced the life-changing benefits of Max Products and the remarkable possibilities in the Max Opportunity. Since then, Ghana and our Max Associates have created remarkable success for themselves, their families, their friends, and their futures.

Max Ghana Associates are working diligently, focused on the success they need and achieving the dreams they once thought they’d never achieve. Each Associate is doing everything necessary to share Max. When this Grand Kick Off in Ghana launched, thousands of Ghanaians arrived to experience the inspiration.

And while this year’s venue was even bigger than last year’s, the auditorium seats were all taken and over 1000 attendees gathered outside and joined the Kick Off.

And to look at the crowd — Ghana Associates, Diamond Leaders, Max Executives, and more gathered to celebrate, to grow, to live life to the Max, it’s clear that Ghanaian Associates have put their heart and soul, and passion and belief into Max. And their efforts are changing lives every day.


The Above Image Captures The Excitement and Energy of the Kick off and of Max Momentum!

The excitement and electricity energized an already enthusiastic crowd — the atmosphere was magic. Max Momentum inspired a dynamic mix of camaraderie, unity, hope, pride, and passion and made for another exhilarating, unparalleled Max celebration.

Exhilaration / Motivation / Action / Inspiration

All Part of Ghana’s 2018 Kick Off Event  

All part of Max Momentum

This is the Max Lifestyle

This is Africa Rising!



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