Destined for Diamond

These Associates Are Destined 4 Diamond In Miami!

Max International’s
Destined for Diamond (D4D) 2018 Miami
Exclusive Training Event is ON!*

November 9 and 10, 2018
Miami, Florida

If you are attending OR if you are unable to attend, Max kindly requests that Any Associate who received an invitation to Destined 4 Diamond RSVP.
Please RSVP with an email to with your response.


The following Max Associates have been awarded an All-Expense Paid D4D Experience:

Richard Lortie

Manuel Luna Rojas

Doctors Preference LLC

Leonel Espinal Rojas

Henri Lebrun

Kelly Ronsyn

Eduardo Oca Aviila

Jose O Silva Ramirez

Juan M. Bruno

Miguel A. Lopez Miranda

Daismarie Melendez de Jesus

Patrick Lebrun

Hector Silva

Paul Tesseyman

May Hughes

Maria Sandra Beatriz Ramos Torres

Luis Antonio Coronado

Linda Lucchese

Siegfryede Einstein Peters

Luz Delia Ortiz

Maria Sandra Beatriz Ramos Torres

Ezrra Israel Orozco Paredes

Benito Arreaga

Julia M Chaves

Sergio Acevedo

Nice Otero

Elizabeth Gandara

Maria Margarita

Manuel Rojas

Pablo Gasc

Have Fun at D4D and Then Get Ready For More Max Momentum!

Immediately following D4D is

The Americas 2018: Cruise To Convention

Momentum 2018 – Americas Tour

November 11-18, 2018

See for full details.

(Please Remember to RSVP to your Destined for Diamond invitation!)






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