Summary of Microsoft Outage – Message From Max CTO

Good Day to our Global Max Family,

On Tuesday, September 4th, we at Max posted a communication explaining the reasons Max and other businesses were experiencing network problems. Microsoft reported that an incident at one of their data centers resulted in an emergency outage. The outage caused problems for many businesses, including Max, and affected the Virtual Office, online purchases, and more.

Thank you for your patience during this time. This message is a follow-up to keep you informed of the status of the Microsoft outage.

Microsoft provided this information regarding the outage:

“…A severe weather event, including lightning strikes, occurred near one of the South Central US data centers. This resulted in a power voltage increase that impacted cooling systems. Automated data center procedures to ensure data and hardware integrity went into effect and critical hardware entered a structured power down process.”

Microsoft followed up the status of the outage with,

Engineers have restored storage availability for the majority of impacted services, and customers should be continuing to see improvements to service availability. Engineers are continuing to work to fully mitigate this issue.

This incident affected Microsoft customers across the globe and Max International’s engineering team worked diligently with our partners to do everything in our power to restore services as swiftly as possible.

While Microsoft continues to completely mitigate the issue, please be advised that intermittent slowness and/or connection issues may occur. These should be resolved over the next 24 – 48 hours. Should Max receive any additional information from Microsoft that affects the status of the resolution, an updated communication will be provided.

Thank you

Jeff Hanson
Max International, LLC

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