The world’s most powerful antioxidant lies within

It may sound like a Buddhist teaching, but in this case, it is absolutely true that your biggest source of strength when it comes to fighting aging, oxidative stress, and toxins already lies within your body.

It is because of a molecule called glutathione, chemically known as GSH.

According to clinical research, glutathione is the “most abundant” thiol compound AND the “most important” antioxidant produced within body’s cells. It is produced mainly in the liver and plays a key role in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in supporting the immune system.

While glutathione is present through all of our body’s cells, it is extremely difficult to take additional glutathione the way you might supplement with extra vitamins or other nutrients.  The digestive process breaks down glutathione into unusable components before it can reach the cells, making oral consumption almost impossible.

Intravenous administration is possible and effective but is available only at a doctor’s office, can be costly, and reserved only for people who suffer from severe deficiencies due to disease.

What can be done to support your body’s production of glutathione is to provide it additional support in helping it to create glutathione.  Much in the same way you’d provide a plant fertilizer and water in order to help it grow flowers or vegetables, you can provide your body with resources to help it produce more glutathione.

One of the main building blocks of glutathione is cysteine, an amino acid that can be found in several healthy fruits and vegetables. However, much like glutathione itself, cysteine is broken down within the digestive tract and is often does not survive food preparation.

Direct supplementation with cysteine is often the best way to provide your body with the resource it needs to continue producing this all-important molecule.  Whether it’s through an N-acetyl-cysteine formula or a proprietary and patented technology like RiboCeine™, the power lies within yourself to ensure good health and wellness.


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