There are benefits to chewing gum

If you’re looking for something to chew on, then sugar-free gum can do more than just distract you from hunger. There are actually several different benefits you can gain from chewing gum on a regular basis:

  • It works great for keeping your teeth clean between brushings
  • It helps activate your saliva glands to better-preventing dry-mouth
  • The action of chewing helps to relieve stress and release nervous energy
  • It can replace a bad habit like smoking or nail biting

There are a couple tips to keep in mind about how to be good at how you chew gum:

  • Try to avoid chewing on an empty stomach, as that can cause bloating. Chew after meals when you’re working off your full stomach. This helps with digestion and can help you avoid the temptations of second helpings or desserts
  • Buy sugar-free gum to keep your caloric intake low and to help protect your teeth. Sugars not only provide empty calories, they can promote tooth decay
  • Keep a pack nearby wherever you go and this can be one habit that helps your health instead of harming it



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