Slight Delay, But Worth the Wait! Pack for the Mediterranean details will be revealed soon.

Update: Pack for the Mediterranean 
Surprise Reveal Soon!
Momentum Activities Being Finalized!

Yes, it’s October 1st… We all know you are antsy for the BIG news! But, we’ve got more to reveal and, trust us, it’s worth the wait! So, hang tight-  it’s coming soon!

In the meantime… prepare yourself for an All-Day, Max-Style, Kick-off Event for Convention 2019… smack dab in Barcelona, Spain! Yep, Max is going abroad and we’re starting the party off right by hosting a HUGE event the night before we all take the Mediterranean by storm!!

Before we make the Official Grand Announcement, we’re perfecting our plans and adding in even more exciting activities!

So stay tuned, keep earning, and get ready to Pack for the Mediterranean

Dine, Drink, Dance, and Delight
Remember to Bring Your Party-Wear!

Get Packing and Be There for
Max’s 2019 Pack for the Mediterranean Convention.


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