How Sharing Can Build Your Business

We’ve highlighted in the past how building a successful business requires building good relationships and even shared some tips on things you could focus on. There are always more ways to grow, and so we’re looking at how sharing with others can pay off in the long run.

Share your expertise with those willing to learn

People respond to and respect authority. If you’re able to share your thoughts, tips, and recommendations for something that you’re knowledgeable about, then you’re building credibility. The Greeks (specifically the philosopher Aristotle) referred to this as “ethos” – the building of character.

Are you a good public speaker? Host a seminar on how to prepare a speech and engage with your audience, and then share with your guests the details of your business. Are you handy around the house? Volunteer to host a community event where you teach helpful “lifehacks” or “DIY” shortcuts to save money. When you speak as someone knowledgeable, then other people are more inclined to trust in what you have to say.

Share the burden and the rewards with partners

Not all business partners need to work directly with each other. Oftentimes some of your greatest and most valuable partners won’t even be in the same industry as you! When you connect with other small business owners, you can often offer to lend assistance and support in exchange for later value.

In many industries, this is referred to as “trade,” where helpful services are exchanged without needing money. A freelance graphic designer may create a new business logo for you in exchange for free product. A carpenter could build a new home workstation for you if you offered to help him host a meeting. Getting creative in how you can cooperate with other businesses can not only save you money, it can build long-lasting relationships.

Share your time with your local community

Giving back to your community can mean more than just donating money to charity. Organizing a local event is a great way to 1) advertise yourself and your business 2) send a positive message about what you’re about and 3) meet more people in the area that you can network with. Of course, contributing your time and effort towards a worthy cause is more than just good press, it’s a worthwhile gesture that genuinely improves the lives of others.

If you’re looking to really make a big impact, you can even partner with other business to organize, prepare, and get the word out on social media and get flyers up in your area. Even if your first event is small, as you continue to grow and build contacts, you never how just how big you can get or the types of professionals you can partner with.


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