Congratulations! Anne Turnbull: Rank Advances To Double-Diamond!

On July 31, 2017, Associate Anne Turnbull celebrated her 8th Anniversary with Max by advancing to the prestigious rank of Diamond. From July 2009 to July 2017, Anne committed herself to her Max business, told herself that since she was going to be working anyway, why not fully commit to building her own business and building it well. Anne’s patience, passion, and compassion paid off in many important ways… she now celebrates her latest achievement, reaching the elite rank of a Double Diamond.

It all began in 2014, when Anne ventured to Africa to be a part of Max’s celebratory first-time opening on the Africa Continent, attending Max Ghana’s Grand Opening. Anne loved Africa. She shares, “Africa felt like home and I was welcomed so warmly by all the Ghana Associates.”

As a skilled business person working for a billion dollar marketing agency and running the banking division, Anne was financially comfortable. But she wanted more. She wanted something that was fulfilling — a job that touched lives. She found that in Max and even more so when she visited Nigeria. She reveals,

“When I went to Nigeria for the opening in 2016, I realized there was much that we could do in Nigeria. In January 2017 I moved to Nigeria.  Never in a million years before Max did I ever dream I would be living in Africa! But it has been so wonderful.”

In just over a year after achieving Diamond, Anne remained focused, empowered herself by allying with Max Products and the Max Opportunity and continued to be the person she wants to be. As such, she has now rank advanced to become a Double Diamond Max Associate!


Max proudly honors you for the life-changing, passionate, important work you consistently continue to do. As a leader, you are exemplary and your entire Max family thanks and congratulates you!

“I took a risk quitting my job and moving to Africa, but I believed passionately in the future of Max and in my own potential.”

— Double Diamond Anne Turnbull


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