Max Momentum Weaves its Way in Ghana

Momentum is the Mood and Max Lifestyle is the Mode!


As the year-end nears, Max Associates in Ghana can feel the Max waves of energy.  Max Momentum continues to build. There are amazing Max Events taking place around the globe and what is coming in Ghana is going to be EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE!

Flashback to What’s NEXT!

Flashback to Mid-October 2018 and we find ourselves in Africa – on location at the Max International 2018 Momentum Regional Convention: Ghana. Max International CEO, Joe Voyticky, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Larry Lowe,  Assistant Director of Marketing, Madison Jacobo, General Manager of West Africa, Tek Menelik, and CFO, Tyler Kent, along with an excited assembly of Max Associates, Diamonds, Leaders, Prospects, and other guests gathered here for another grand Max affair. It’s where Max Talent in Africa landed and took off, and it’s where THE 2019 MAX LIFESTYLE TALENT TOUR will launch in 2019 starting in January in Accra.

Win Big in TWO Categories:


Associates, Friends, Family, and The Public

OPEN to ACTIVE Senior through Silver Associates!

The Lifestyle Talent Tour Begins in Your City.

You Are First and
Your Time Submission Period Has Ended


  • Accra [ Oct 20 – DECEMBER 7! ]
  • Lagos [ Nov 1 – Dec 21 ]
  • Cape Coast [ Nov 1 – Dec 21 ]
  • Takoradi [ Nov 1 – Jan 21 ]
  • Ho [ Nov 1 – Feb 21 ]
  • Sunyani [ Nov 1 – March 21 ]
  • Kumasi [ Nov 1 – April 21 ]
  • Abuja [ To be Announced ]
  • Abijan [ To be Announced ]

We will keep the Momentum Rising in 2019. We are excited to see your unique talent and how you Max your Style!

Max International 2018 Momentum Regional Convention: Ghana

Take a Look Back and See What’s in Style.

Thursday, October 18, 2018: Show Time!
The T-Shirt, The Ticket, The Talent

Everyone loves Max Swag. So, Max created the exclusive
Max Talent Bash Africa 2018 Limited Edition Tee-shirt.
The stylish memento was attendees’ ‘ticket’ for Thursday’s Pool Bash and Talent Competition

Super Saturday: October 20, 2018

Maxed-up in Max-Style:
Associates, Executives, and Guests on Location for Legendary Launches and Reveals

Over 3000 Attendees gathered for a spectacular line-up, celebrating:

  • Recognition
  • Max Talent Performances
  • Award Winners Announcements
  • Launches and Reveals

What better way to cheer on and celebrate this stylish convention than by honoring Max Ghana Associates’ dedicated and passionate achievements. Everyone enjoyed Max’s excellent Recognition and Associates from all pin ranks shared their inspiring stories. Max CEO Joe Voyticky boasted the awards and the event were “phenomenal”.

Strong Max Woman

With all the growth, excitement, and passion happening in Ghana, it was the perfect time and place to reveal Max’s exciting new global initiative. It’s big, it’s already popular, and it’s circling the globe and social media with extra Momentum! It’s simple and we’re calling this new Max movement:

Max introduced Strong Max Woman with awesome stylish Tee-Shirts and Tank-Tops fashioned with the shout out slogan

Strong Max Woman

And the Reaction To The Launch: Total Excitement!

Already it has — on FaceBook — taken off in epic fashion. If you haven’t followed Max International, LLC. on Facebook, take the time to now by visiting the following links:

Strong Max Woman Site:

Max’s Main Global Facebook Page:

Max’s Ghana Facebook Page:

What you’ll see is remarkable, inspiring, and so much fun.

WOMEN AND MEN are celebrating The MESSAGE of the campaign which includes:

  • Women are Strong
  • Women are Smart, Beautiful, Unique, Dynamic, Bold, and FIERCE. AND THEN SOME!
  • Max empowers women to be independent, healthy and have equal opportunities to be successful.

And the Max family is stepping up and stepping out in front of the cameras and the presentation halls — and are confident and excited Together!

Watch Videos For the Campaign
in English (EN), Spanish (ES), and French(FR):

Strong Max Woman English

Strong Max Woman Spanish

Strong Max Woman French

And a local version was created for Africa:


From start to finish, the celebration in Ghana electrified and inspired. Many in our Max Family were unable to attend. So, we did the next best thing. We tuned into our Social Media Feeds — especially Facebook — and watched as Max’s LLC page, Ghana page, Associates’ pages, Max employees’ and Corporate Pages buzzed with images and inspiration. And, with all the buzz, many multiple-media outlets came to witness, record, and report the Max International’s 2018 Momentum Regional Convention: Ghana.

Momentum just keeps rising, its tempo increasing, creating that unifying energy and rhythm that is uniquely Max.

Be a part of your Max market’s next Max Event.

Max. Your Lifestyle.

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