Congratulations To Max Philippines New Diamond Associate Rubelyn Paclipan!

With great excitement, we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic Congratulations to Rubelyn S Paclipan for your commitment and drive in accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

How Ruby Became A Diamond

Rubelyn Paclipan, “Ruby”,  is a Business Consultant from Cebu, Philippines, who has experienced financial challenges. Eight years ago Ruby was introduced to Max and learned of the Max Opportunity. After careful consideration, she had a “Eureka moment”. The Max Mission, Vision, and the ‘heart’ of the company inspired Ruby. Since her A-ha moment, Ruby has focused on building her team and her Max business.

Wisely, Ruby has learned to embrace challenges. They just helped push her to become better and stronger. She reveals, “The Max business did not only help me financially but has improved me personally.” After 8 years with Max, Ruby, in August of 2018, reached the prestigious rank of Diamond. Now she leads 1500 active Associates, including Platinums and Golds in her downline. Ruby shared many tips and best practices to help other Associates become Diamonds. Here are a few:

      • Be a team player
      • Maintain integrity at all times
      • Learn from your mentors
      • Mentor your downlines
      • Pay it forward
      • Trust Max International’s proven system
      • Have a plan
      • Define your whys

Ruby Congratulations again on building a legacy for yourself, your team, and all Associates who follow.


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