Daniel and Eden Hinnong (Max PH) Advance to Diamond!

Diamonds Daniel and Eden Hinnong:

A New Rank And Another Elevated Level Of
The Max Lifestyle!

Help us Celebrate with a global Congratulations to Daniel and Eden Hinnong, Max Philippines Associates, for Rank Advancing to Diamond! These Max Family Members stayed focused, duplicated what they learned, felt the surge of Momentum and in August (2018) achieved the prestigious rank of Diamond!

Daniel and Eden Hinnong: Their Journey to Diamond

Diamond Associates Daniel and Eden Hinnong, from the Philippines, have been successful furniture-business owners in La Union for 15 years. In 2015 they joined Max. The positive benefits of Max products inspired them to build their own Max business. Having shared the products with their family, they witnessed their children, parents, grandparents, and others react positively to Max’s proprietary blends with RiboCeine™.

They say their family members became ‘products of the product’.  While battling health issues they supplemented their diets with Max Products and now maintain a healthier lifestyle. Max’s Glutathione-Enhancing, proprietary products are the reason Daniel and Eden pursued success with Max in the first place.

And even though they were respected in the community and had fifteen years of business experience, they were met by doubters and disbelievers. Some colleagues, family members, and prospects were discouraging, rejecting their belief in Max and declining the opportunity to accept Max and support their efforts to achieve Success with Significance.

None of that stopped Eden and Daniel, though. They focused on their uplines, mentors, and those who were living the Max Lifestyle, enjoying the rewards of managing their own Max business. They invested their time and dedication to their truth. And their truth is that, they say, “Max International is the vehicle to reach (our) dreams.”

In August 2018, in an exemplary amount of time — after three years building their Max business — Daniel and Eden Hinnong became Diamond Associates. With a team of about 2000 Associates, they achieved this amazing milestone. Asked what they consider contributed to their success, the couple replied,

“Being open to learning, especially from mentors and other successful people in the business. Follow the system and put into action all the learnings from your mentors.”

CONGRATULATIONS again on your amazing achievement!!


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