U.S. & Canadian Associates, the future is NOW

U.S. and Canadian Associates, the future is NOW as Max International officially launches our fully online and digital Starter Kits.

As of January 14 our old physical starter kits have gone the way of the dinosaur – no more waiting for the mail, no more lugging your copies everywhere, no more delays for reprints and updates – now the power of Max is always at your fingertips!

All new enrollees will now access their Digital Starter Kit after logging into their Virtual Office and satisfying the $25.00 Business Activation Fee which is completed at checkout. Once their Max business has been activated, new Associates will have access to:

  • A revised and updated Getting Started section in the Virtual Office
  • Exclusive access to the Max Action Plan (MAP) business guide
  • Direct access to the latest Max materials, including Policies & Procedures
  • Downloadable versions of all our brochures and marketing materials
  • Training videos to walk new Associates through their crucial first few days
  • Introductory video and welcome letter from Max CEO Joe Voyticky

All materials are available anywhere our Associates have access to the internet, either through personal computers or mobile devices. That means all Max documents – in English, Spanish and French – are now in the palm of your hand.

It’s never been easier or more convenient for newly enrolled Associates to get started with Max! Welcome to the first of many, digital additions and enhancements, Max has planned to make your business better!


As a new Associate, when can I access my Digital Starter Kit?
Access to the materials of the Digital Starter Kit is granted immediately after satisfying the U.S. $25 Activation fee and is renewed after paying the yearly business renewal fee.

Are the Digital Starter Kits available outside the U.S.?
For now the Digital Starter Kits are available for North American (U.S. and Canada) and Australian and New Zealand Associates only. Access for other markets will be arriving in the near future.

Can I access the Digital Starter Kit on my mobile device?
As long as your mobile device has internet access and you are able to log onto the Virtual Office from your device, you always have access to the Digital Starter Kit.

Can I get physical copies of the online materials?
All of the materials on the digital starter kits can be conveniently printed at home or anywhere you have access to a printer.

What are the benefits of going digital?

  • Digital materials are constantly updated, so you always have access to the latest versions of documents.
  • Access via mobile devices means you always can access the starter kit materials, no matter where you are.
  • You can print only the materials you need, no more unwanted documents, bulky boxes, or wasted paper – which is more convenient for our Associates and better for the environment.

What if I have a question about the Digital Starter Kit or a problem getting access?
Max Customer Care is available and happy to assist you. Contact our North American office during regular business hours or via email.


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