Max Momentum Brings New Growth in Latin America

The Max Momentum continues as the incredible opportunity offered by Max International exploded throughout Latin America in 2018.  Overall we experienced a 50% growth in our LatAm markets – all thanks to the hard work of our Associates and the incredible promise of the Max products.

The Max Executives were eager to recognize this achievement and build on our success, so in December and January they traveled throughout El Salvador and Guatemala to attend opportunity meetings, meet with Associates, and participate in training events.

Everywhere they went they were impressed with the attendance and enthusiasm of the LatAm Associates and their guests. The experience has so inspired Max that we’re making moves to ensure that the momentum continues through 2019.

We’re happy to announce that Max has entered into an agreement for new and larger offices in both Guatemala and Costa Rica. These new offices will ensure that our Associates have the support and resources they need to continue sharing the Max Lifestyle.

We’re also proud to announce that we will be leasing additional office space in El Salvador to provide additional services to our Associates.  These office space areas are very convenient and will provide our Associates with expanded and unique Customer Support.

2019 is shaping up to be our biggest and best year yet. Share the news with your friends and family about the amazing growth we’re experiencing.  This is perfect year for to get on board as a new Associate – especially for women as we highlight our new #StrongMaxWoman initiative.

March 2019 has proven to be an exceptional month in Central America, rounding out the first quarter of the year for Max International with a global celebration! El Salvador had a monumental event on March 9, 2019 at the Real Intercontinental Hotel, to celebrate the market’s 6 year anniversary! With nearly 400 people in attendance, over 75% of those were guests at this one day event.

The Momentum of Max was electrifying that day, and is continuing to fuel Latin America as a whole. Corporate employees were in attendance, including Michael Clapier, Director of Field Development, as well as several of Max International’s top leaders from around the globe, such as Max Triple Diamond, Analis Goritz.

“Sow today and harvest abundant tomorrow…. Life is a decision when you are willing to invest in yourself is the opportunity to spread, I love to see every day more people with the same vision and power.”

– Jessica Penado, General Manager of Max International El Salvador

Distinguished business training, along with a significant and tailored debut of Max’s #StongMaxWoman campaign, here are just a few of the highlights from this event. Women are rising in business and in Max more than ever before, and this campaign is proving to be the foundation of their confidence, success and global support.

Max International, Latin America, is changing lives, growing at an exponential rate, and is here to stay! Congratulations to El Salvador on yet another Anniversary with Max International!

The Max Lifestyle Is Unstoppable!


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