The Max Lifestyle Tour Takes Off In Lagos And Lands with a TWIST

We are going to show the world who we are. We are Max!

Joe Voyticky, CEO Max International
Speaking to a packed house at the launch of the Max Lifestyle Tour: Lagos.

After all the submissions, the excitement, and the anticipation, The Max LifestyleTour made its way out of Ghana, in to Nigeria, and finally, at long last, landed in Lagos. When it did, the talent, the fashion, the Max style were turned on, the people were tuned in, and the Momentum were elevated even more. The enthusiasm and the excitement couldn’t be contained.

Max’s Lagos Associates, Max Executives, contestants, and other excited participants brought their A games and boasted a celebration and competition that rocked Nigeria.

Ladies and Gentleman, Please Welcome Max CEO, Joe Voyticky

Max’s enthusiastic and passionate CEO, Joe Voyticky, remains dedicated to his Max family. In his generous, humble, grateful way, Joe praised Max Associates and thankfully shared that they inspire him. With conviction, he also paid thanks to Max’s leaders — Bronze leaders, Silver and Diamond ones — ALL leaders — for their knowledge, expertise, and skills. Joe, on-stage to kick off in Lagos, Nigeria, shared that he has experienced a transformation — positive personal growth for which he’s genuinely grateful.

After All The Introductions, Everyone Was Ready:
Bring On The Night.

Once the talent competition was finished on Thursday (at the bash), three talent competitors were still standing. They were chosen to move on to compete on Saturday, March 16, at the grand Kick-Off gala show.

The Red Carpet: Ready to Wear

Larry Lowe, (Max CMO), and Joe Voyticky, (Max CEO), dressed to impress and greeted the attendees as they made their way into the auditorium. A venue housed to seat 900 guests quickly filled to capacity and, once again, the Max LifestyleTour overflowed to standing-room status.

Men and women in official dress and in traditional dress graced the stage. Just like previous Lifestyle tour stops, the fashion was sophisticated and the style was phenomenal.  All participants proved perfectly suited to compete on-stage. But, only one man and one woman overall from both categories were chosen to win. The judges were faced with a tough decision. In the end, the Lifestyle Fashion winners from Lagos who will compete in the final Battle For Dubai in Accra in July are:


The three talent competitors from Thursday night’s bash performed again on-stage Saturday. After delivering an impressive rap about Max, The Max Lifestyle, Max Products and Opportunity, the Lifestyle Tour, and many more things Max, Mikal Hedges Tom emerged as the Talent winner for Lagos!

What Was The Surprising Twist?
After driving twenty hours to attend the Max Lifestyle Tour in Lagos, Ima Hedges Tom and her son Mikal Hedges Tom competed in separate categories. Both WON and will move on to the next phase of the competition.

Congratulations to Ima and Mikal
Congratulations to Enogwe!

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