Takoradi – 4th Stop on the Max Lifestyle Tour

The Max Lifestyle Tour has taken Ghana and Nigeria by storm! With the kick-off of the tour this past January, 2019, the Lifestyle Tour has touched down in Accra, Cape Coast, Lagos and its most recent city… Takoradi.

Like a thunderstorm, Takoradi was booming with electricity. The energy of the MASSIVE 1 day event was full of rolling waves of pride for Max, along with the Lifestyle it emulates, represents, and shares with the world.

The turnout for the event was stellar, unlike any other… Takoradi contestants showed up ready and prepared to shut it down, take the crown, and secure their spot for the Ultimate Showdown – Battle For Dubai, this coming July.

Those in Takoradi have a saying… “Only the best, comes from the West”, and boy were they right! You can check out the LIVE Facebook feed from the event, or see the incredible and electric event recap for here!

Congratulations to our winners of the Max Lifestyle Tour – Takoradi.

Overall Lifestyle Male

Overall Lifestyle Female

Talent Winner

Next stop is Ho, you better get ready to rumble! Get your submission in for Ho by this Friday, the 29th of March!! Here’s your Finalist Bracket… July Battle For Dubai is going to be Hot! Hot! Hot!


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