Max 2019 – First Quarter – The Nigerian Diamond Mine

With the first quarter of 2019 ending it has panned out to be one of the most exciting and explosive times for Max Nigeria! The country is blazing brightly.  At lightning speed and in only a few months, FIVE NEW, shining Diamonds have emerged — as leaders, exemplary in perseverance, strength, and determination!

We are incredibly excited to announce and share with you a unique, congratulatory message from Max’s CEO, Joe Voyticky, along with a special highlight for each new Diamond.

Mr. and Mrs. Mofolorunsho John Adeyemi

Mr. and Mrs. Mofolorunsho John Adeyemi, who are known as Funsho and Puncho, were attracted to Max because of the efficacy of the products and the amazing business opportunity. Mr. Adeyemi remembers what those earlier years were like, “I was living hand to mouth before I found the Max Opportunity. There was always insufficient funds, lack of money, the inability to afford the basic necessities of life. This has helped to shape my desire to succeed. Becoming a Max Associate has helped me to be able to bring my hopes back alive.”

Now, having secured his own success, Mofolorunsho looks forward to how he can continue growing his team while helping others. “No matter the difficulties, I stay focused and keep introducing new members to the Max Opportunity.  Empowering other people inspires me a lot. As long as they put in consistent effort and keep focused I can see a bright and beautiful future ahead.”

“The Max Lifestyle is simply the way we project our culture and results for others to see.  Now I can work at my own pace, determine what I want to earn, and continue to empower others.”

Dr. Danladi Nmadu

When Dr. Danladi “DL” Nmadu was introduced to Max, he was impressed with what he had achieved in Ghana. He reveals,

“I am inspired by challenges, by people saying I can’t do it. I was just another 9-to-5 doctor always thinking how I could change the world and inspire change in others.”

Now, almost five years later, he’s celebrating Diamond rank as a Max Associate.

Reflecting on his journey, he states “it took me almost 1 full year to sign my first Associate. But, I stayed positive, aligned myself with my friends who had gone before me and acquired skills to improve myself.  It takes commitment to start and, with strength and perseverance, success is certain.”

When asked what Max means to him, he replies,

“Max has given me the freedom to live the life I want to live and to inspire others to do the same. This is not just a business – it’s a way of life. The way we live IS the business.  I now have a greater sense of responsibility and feel closer to my goal of bringing change to Africa and the world. I believe the future is limitless.”

Imoni Steve Otaghogho

As a lecturer in one of Accra-Ghana’s private universities, Imoni Steve Otaghogho loved to teach, but wasn’t fulfilled with his income level & lifestyle. Though he struggled to believe in his success, he kept his heart and mind positive with prayers. After being introduced to Max, he joined to purchase products for his family and found an opportunity like no other. “As inspired as I was by the impact of RiboCeineTM, I was equally inspired by the vision of Max International to break the cycle of poverty in Africa.”

Asked about his success and how others can succeed, he advises “focus on your goals. It’s day-to-day consistency that will keep you winning. Have a list of lifetime goals, broken down into annual, monthly, and weekly goals. If any tasks do not agree with your goals – eliminate them. If you do not personally have to complete a task – delegate it.”

“At Max there are no limitations on what you can achieve, the same platform is accorded to every Associate.  I am capable and up to the task by God’s Grace to now positively influence my world and community. We are more than a business, we are a movement with the right mindset and culture.”

Dr. Stella Kokoricha Essiet

Dr Stella Kokoricha Essiet is the 6th of a 16 children polygamous family. After her father died early, her mother raised Dr. Essiet and her 6 siblings. Adversity forged a determination in her, and she worked hard to get her Medical degree. Now she works with the Nigerian Air Force Hospital, is the current National Coordinator / Sec. Gen of the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria, and is a widowed mother of one.

After all her achievements, Dr. Essiet believes in the power of Max. “Max isn’t like anything I’ve done in the past. Max gave me financial freedom and the time to attend to other life’s issues. My earlier life was a triangle of responsibilities: Work – Church – Home. Max helped me to free up my time to do the things I enjoy. I can now say that I have started living and not merely existing.”

Less than three years after joining Max, Dr. Essiet is enjoying her Diamond rank and looks ahead to future success.

“I see a Crown Diamond on this head with all its accompanying benefits. Tell everyone you meet about the Max opportunity, do all you can to make them start earning and you will see your team grow. That is living one’s full potential.”

Nancy Archwards & Patricia Emoghene

Nancy Archwards and Patricia Emoghene were awaiting a better business opportunity when they were introduced to the power and efficacy of Max’s RiboCeineTM technology in 2015. They are inspired by seeing people live healthier lives and so were determined to bring the Max products and opportunity to people throughout Nigeria.

Thanks to the support of family their team has grown tremendously and now, three years later, they’re happy to be celebrating Diamond Rank. With a better income and improved quality of life they feel that their future is looking brighter and they’ve grateful for the many friends they’ve made who have become family.


from all of us here at Max International. You have earned your place among some of the greatest, most elite Associates, as you take your place in your highly coveted rank as a Max Diamond.

Welcome to the Max Diamond Lifestyle!
We will see you at the Diamond Retreat in South Africa!


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