Maria Law – Congratulations! WINNER of THE ONE 2019 Humanitarian Award.

Maria Law
Inspiring Max and the World
With Compassion and Dedication

Inspiring Hong Kong with her tenacity and spirit, Maria shows how a simple cafe can be a door of opportunity for many.

We at Max are proud to announce that Max Associate Maria Law (of Hong Kong) was one of three finalists and selected as the WINNER of THE ONE Hong Kong 2019 Humanitarian Award.

In 2011, Maria opened the Holy Cafe. It’s more than just a cafe. It’s a training cafe where Maria teaches intellectually-challenged individuals how to live independently in society. Maria and her daughter Flora (who lives with autism) equip many with the skills they need to be able to venture into society to earn a living, to help contribute to their families, and to do all the things they are capable of. Maria believes that everyone has something special to offer the world. Every Saturday from the cafe, Maria also delivers food to the elderly!

Now the Holy Cafe Training Centre, Maria’s cafe has become a training center and she is being recognized for the humanitarian work she provides each day. Maria, with Flora’s help continues to inspire her community and that inspiration is spreading throughout Hong Kong! She is exemplary in her work and shows us the true meaning of what we call Success with Significance.


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