The Diamonds Are Back!

South Africa!
Safari, So good!

The Diamonds Are Back!

They are relaxed, refreshed, and ready to repeat the success for next year`s 2020 Max Diamond Retreat (look for the location reveal video!) Max Diamonds Journeyed to South Africa for Max Diamond Retreat: 2019. What they experienced was beyond their imagination and thrilling, unique once-in-a-lifetime activities extravaganza and Max Family reunion certain not to forget.

Max Diamond Retreat 2019 Recap

The Max Diamond Lifestyle at Diamond Retreat delivered spectacular adventures morning, noon, and night. This year hosted the most Diamonds EVER to attend and the word is that Max Events hosted the best retreat yet.

Envision your success, focus, and join Max and other Diamonds next year – for the ultimate Max Lifestyle reward.

Watch the Highlights. Watch the Reveal
Live it!
The Max Lifestyle

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