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Max Continues to Expand 
With A New Market in Tacloban City!

Max International formally opened another market in the fast growing VisMin region in Tacloban City. A Grand Max Opportunity Meeting (MOM) took place at the beautiful Hotel Alejandro, introducing the Max Business Opportunity and Max’s premiere glutathione-enhancing products.. More than 250 people attended the event that was aimed to bring the business closer to the market. 

Present during the leader-filled event were Diamond Associates who shared valuable insights and information. Diamond Ruby Paclipan highlighted Max International’s background and values.
Diamond Joel Paglinawan handled the product presentation. Diamond Precy Macasero talked about how everyone should continue to do and share the Max Business. Diamond Benny Collamat shared his testimony and revealed the important and inspiring details about the Diamond Lifestyle. And,  Double Diamond Erick Lovitos shared his Max Journey and the different aspects of how to successfully build teams and grow the business.

Finally, Max International’s VP for Asia, Joey Sarmiento, underscored Max International’s full support in growing the Tacloban market and promised to conduct a regular MOM meeting.

New Market Opens In Tacloban City
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