Max Malaysia Chinese Meeting Had A Special Surprise!

Max International: Malaysia

A ‘First Time Ever’ at Oct. 11 Chinese Meeting

With the arrival of a 5-year Anniversary, Max International Malaysia paid tribute to their success by hosting a Chinese Meeting on October 11 and by gathering to celebrate one half of a decade of changing lives in Malaysia.

Max Opportunity Meetings (MOMs) are important events for Associates to learn, to share information, to teach other Associates and prospects, and more about Max’s incredible products with RiboCeine™, Glutathione, and the Max Opportunity.

SO, on October 11, 2019, Max Associates, Corporate Leaders, Diamond Associates, and guests gathered for the evening to discuss all things Max. Jennifer Tsai  (Managing Director of Chinese Markets from Utah Corporate) together with Diamond Robert E Chan, Diamond Amy S. Teh, and Diamond Sew Geik Chan hosted a successful and exciting Chinese Opportunity Meeting. And there was one big Surprise!

For the first time in Max Malaysia’s history, Max invited Max R&D team Scott Nagasawa & Scott Momii, and Max VP of Asia,  Mr. Joey Sarmiento,  to participate in the Chinese meeting. As pioneers of Max’s Premier Product Cellgevity™, Scott Nagasawa and Scott Momii are experts in the science behind glutathione-enhancing RiboCeine™. Scott Momii and Joey Sarmiento gave excellent speeches,  and Scott Nagasawa lead the Questions & Answers portion of the meeting.

All of the Chinese Associates and guests were very excited to be there and even braved traveling during a heavy rain to be able to participate.  Everyone who attended left very energized. And, they were happy they did not miss this once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

Congratulations Max Malaysia on Your 5 Year Anniversary!

We Are Max!

  • Special thanks to Diamond Associate Amy S Teh for her and her family’s support and assistance throughout the meeting.
  • Also a special thanks to Diamond Associate Sew Geik Chan and her down lines who came all the way from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur to participate in this Chinese meeting, and to share their product testimonies.
  • We also want to extend a special thanks to Diamond Associate Robert E Chan , who hosted this very successful meeting. He was the soul of the Chinese meeting and was a major contributor to its success.
  • We also wish to thank Gold Associate Dr. Leng Seah Woon for his instant translations of the science presentations.
  • Finally, thanks to the Max Corporate team,  especially Jennifer Tsai for her tireless efforts to ensure the success of the Chinese meeting. Thank you additionally to the Max Malaysia office staff for their assistance with the presentations and the preparation of the venue.
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