D4D 2019 In Dubai: Spectacular

Destined 4 Diamond 2019
Destination: Dubai
This Is the Max Lifestyle

Max hosted another amazing event. This time in Dubai!

Max Associates were recognized and rewarded for their achievements. Because these Associates rank advanced to Gold or Platinum for the first time during the qualification period and because they maintained that paid-as rank for two more months, they received an invitation to Max’s distinguished Destined 4 Diamond (D4D) getaway and training event. Joining them for this exclusive getaway were some Max Diamonds — invited for their knowledge, accomplishments, and skills and as exemplary trainers for Max’s Train The Trainer Event. 

The Attendees For Both Events Were Rewarded With All Accommodations Paid!

Those who maintained their new paid-as rank for 3 additional months during the qualification period received the same rewards, but with an additional surprise – they could bring their spouse to also enjoy the event with all accommodations paid! At the grand event there were about 250 people there to enjoy the world-class, 5-Star Jumeirah Beach hotel and the fabulous desert city of Dubai.

How many ways did they enjoy the Max Lifestyle ?

  • The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa 
  • River Cruise: night out to enjoy an evening cruise and a  private dinner, camel rides, a falcon show and a private dinner in the desert, fire dancers,   incredible shopping
  • And, of course,  world-class training organized to provide the info and skills the Associates need to continue to rank advance – to the Diamond ranks.  

This exclusive excursion to Dubai was made even better with Mr. Joe Voyticky, Max’s awesome and inspiring CEO, on location to provide more exceptional training to help support attending Associates reach the Diamond ranks.

Destined 4 Diamond Dubai

Join us in 2020 when we enjoy the 

Max Lifestyle in the African island of Mauritius!
We Are Max!

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