Road 2 Gold: Costa Rica. Rewards. Recognition. Relaxing Adventure!

Max International: The Americas

Road 2 Gold 2019: Costa Rica
A Luxurious Max Lifestyle Reward
La Pura Vida!

Max rewards success and progress. Both are achieved by doing one thing: Working your Max business to change lives. Max supports your on-going success. Best of all, we celebrate your accomplishments with world-class recognition and rewards.

This past December (5th-8th, 2019), Associates who rank advanced to Silver and above for the first time, who are registered in The Americas markets, and who met all additional requirements received an exclusive invitation to attend Max The Americas’ first-ever prestigious Road To Gold (R2G) – a Max Lifestyle Training Event & Exclusive Getaway Adventure.

Their Destination?
The Seascape Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica

Qualifiers enjoyed rewards including:

  • Air Travel Credit
  • All-Inclusive Hotel Accommodations at the 5-star Dreams Las Mareas Resort & Spa
  • R2G Conference Meals
  • A Celebratory Dinner Party

And, as part of Max’s commitment to support Associates’ on-going success, 2019’s Road To Gold attendees received World-Class training from Field leaders and Max Corporate Executives.


Max Associates embarked on a river excursion in Palo Verde National Park for an adventurous sightseeing journey that took them through wetlands and forest full of flora and fauna.

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