Pack for Beauty March Promo: Ghana and N.A. Markets!

Max International Beauty’s
March Artist Premier Pack Promotion

20% OFF

Get Max’s Ultimate Cosmetics Collection At An Even Bigger Discount and Value 

The Max International Beauty Artist Premier Pack is the ultimate collection of Max’s cosmetics combined to support your greatest success. This mix of Max’s high-quality cosmetics comes with at least one of Each Max beauty product (including all 16 foundation shades, all five concealer shades, and all three face palette shades!).

This Pack has ALL of Max International Beauty’s superior formulas, flawless textures, spectacular shades, and sumptuous hues. 

Full Details of the Artist Pack can be found by

  • Logging in to your Virtual Office
  • Contacting Your Local Max Customer Care Center

Get Your Artist Pack at 20% Off While You Can!

Success is a Beautiful Thing

We Are Max!

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