Smart Cellular Health – The Glutathione Factor

A Health Symposium sponsored by Max International

Max International returns to Toronto, Canada on June 27, 2020 to present the latest news about the vital role Glutathione plays in supporting our health and wellness.

The Symposium will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at York University and welcomes special guests:

  • Dr. Douglas Harrington – M.D., Cardiologist, former President and Lab Director of Nichols Institute, CEO & Lab Director of Global Discovery Biosciences (GD Biosciences), and Innovator of the PULS Cardiac Test.
  • Dr. Margie Smith – PhD., FNCIMLS, MHGSA, BSc(Hons). Molecular Geneticist, Co-Founder of SmartDNA and Co-Author of Gene Genius.
  • Dr. Scott Nagasawa – Pharm.D., CTO and Co-Founder of Cellgevity, Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy Practice and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at USC.
  • Bobbi Horne – Owner of Max Global Partners, Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach.
  • Joseph Voyticky – Max International CEO, Wellness Advocate and Leader.

Everyone who attends the Symposium is invited to return after the lunch break to join a conversation about the exciting business aspects of glutathione-supporting technology.

Registration for this special event is $40 CAD ($50 at the door) and includes breakfast, coffee, and tea breaks.  CLICK HERE to Register now! Seats are limited to the first 300 attendees.

Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation. For full details, click here:

Come be a part of the movement that is empowering wellness around the world!


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