On Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th Max Corporate held our first Global Web Conference Call. Though this on-going program was initiated to foster increased communication with all of our world-wide Associates during the current quarantine, we look forward to hosting this conference on a regular basis to continue assisting your Max business and to grow our Max family around the world.

If you missed the call you can listen/download here:

Here’s an overview of the key points for each presentation

Max CEO Joe Voyticky

The call opened with a greeting from Joe Voyticky and a few words about preventive care for yourself and others in this challenging time.  As a reminder, you can better protect yourself and others with the health and hygiene guidelines we shared through our social media.

Joe then discussed the importance of promoting the benefits of Max products and their superlative qualities:

  • Max products assist the body in generating Glutathione
  • Max products are of the highest quality
  • Max products are patented

He expressed how proud he was of the way Associates around the world are coming together to support their communities and working as a team to weather these challenging times.

He then reaffirmed Max’s commitment in realizing Dr. Nagasawa’s dream of getting the breakthrough RiboCeine™ technology to all parts of the world.  With your work and commitment, after we get through this period, we’ll all be in a better, stronger, and more supportive position.

Max President Jim Stevralia

Jim Stevralia starts with a heartfelt thank you to all the hardworking Associates and for the efforts of the corporate team to put the Global Web Conference together.  He spoke towards the steps that corporate was taking, including the reorganizing of the departments and the means of accomplishing our objectives, in order to meet these current challenges.

  • He offered a reminder that we do not, and cannot, make medicinal claims about Max products – Max products do not treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
  • We’re finalizing an in-depth update about the compliance guidelines of what is and isn’t allowed, look for that soon.
  • Jim announced the creation of a new email address of max2020@max.com for all Associates to share their thoughts, successes, and experiences.
  • These stories will be reviewed for posting and sharing through the corporate social media accounts – a new, exciting way to highlight the many great things that Max Associates around the world are accomplishing.
  • Finally, a reminder that the business reactivation fee has been waived for Associates who are looking to return to Max to take advantage of this home business opportunity.

 Max Chief Marketing Officer Larry Lowe

Larry Lowe offered great detail in how Max is looking to support all our Associates through the current quarantine.  He announced the new Max Proactive campaign – a means of positioning the products, business and health benefits for people to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

This initiative is designed to educate our Associates about the importance of being proactive and the best way to share that information. Look for featured updates including:

  • Emphasis on the many different Max product benefits
  • A review of compliance guidelines for promoting Max products
  • Tips for staying healthy during the current quarantine for general health
  • Tips on how to be more proactive in managing your business
  • How to use technology to take full advantage of being a home-based business
  • How to conduct a Virtual Opportunity Meeting to communicate with others online
  • Resources that describe how to best take advantage of the time you have

Be sure you update your contact information in the V.O. and subscribe to the Max blog to stay up-to-date on the latest releases of this information.

Vice President of Operations, Mike Szczesny

Mike Szczesny described how Max is ramping up production to meet the increasing demands for our products.

  • Manufacturing and production are continuing without delays or disruption
  • Our high standards and regulations continue to ensure employee safety and the continued high quality of the products
  • Our supply chain remains steady and secure, and we’re taking steps to make sure it stays that way

Chief Corporate Science Officer, Scott Nagasawa Pharm. D.

Scott Nagasawa first provided an update on the health of Dr. Herb Nagasawa, who is staying isolated but is in good health even as he turns 93 next month.

He then offered a description of the COVID-19 virus and its effects as well as Dr. Nagasawa’s proposal for treatment for recovery from the virus, which is currently under review by the Center of Drug Design at the University of Minnesota.

He provided an overview of the recent studies on the effectiveness of RiboCeine and positive response to the different animal trials that have been conducted.  Our RiboCeine production is considered essential businesses and continues production. Look for a video on this exciting topic in the near future.

Finally, the importance of quality for Max products and why our level and expectation of quality stands apart:

  • This included a breakdown of the process by which RiboCeine is created from the raw materials Ribose and Cysteine.
  • Currently there’s no problem in securing either raw material as we have backups for both productions.
  • None of our raw material production is located in China, which offers us better oversight and confidence in our product quality.

That concluded the first Max Global Web Conference, to get more details on previous calls, visit our call archive at https://soundcloud.com/maxintl.


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