Get Connected For Success

On a global scale, people are experiencing uncertainty and anxiety. This is something new that has changed the ways we’re used to living life and doing business. People may be feeling lost and unprepared, and many of you do, too.

We at Max understand. We get you. We are here for you. We will provide support to help you try to maintain your health and to teach you more about how to build your business remotely.

On April 17 and 18 we presented what our plans are to help you now and in the future. If you missed the first one on April 17 and 18, check out the details here:

Be sure to stay connected and incorporate the resources we provide.

In order for you to maximize all the skills and solutions we have for you and to prepare for upcoming virtual events, seminars, tutorials, training, promotions, and more that Max has planned, make sure you:

  • Subscribe to the blog at to be able to
    • Register and Listen to Max’s Global Conference Calls.
    • Get the latest news, promotions, and information to maximize your health and finances
  • Leverage your (VO) for resources including reports, assets and other business tools
    • Be sure to update your contact info in the virtual office including Email, Phone, and Address. (REMEMBER to opt in to emails under the Contact Preferences setting)

Routinely check The Max Lifestyle Blog, The VO, and all Max pages specific to your market!

Be Informed. Be Strong. Be Safe.


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