3. 2. 1. Launching Success From Where You Need To Be

As mentioned in previous posts — be sure to join this blog, check it daily, and share it with friends, family, and prospects. Be diligent about remembering the tips and tricks you learn. Last week’s Financial Friday emphasized utilizing Facebook as a vehicle to drive your business. Did you click the links to join Max’s Facebook pages? Did you share those links?

For an undetermined period of time, it’s important to know that Max corporate support, peer support, leader support, other training, and more will involve more instruction and information about Social Media — especially Facebook,

Information will be delivered through regional and global cyber meetings — via Zoom or Go To Meetings. These are the ways businesses are now using more of since the onset of this global challenge (instead of in-person, round table meetings or business opportunity events that we’re used to). This will likely be a change that will alter how we’ll approach business in the future.

And we’ve only just begun!

To that end, remember to like and share. Remember the training here. Practice duplication for better global alignment. Learn everything you can now. This is a kind of Quickening. This is your success.

The more exposure you create, the better your chances are for meeting new prospects and building your businesses. While you’re gaining exposure, create exposure not just for you, but for other Max Associates. Exponential Potential is off the charts so take advantage of the resources available and be prepared to venture into new business opportunities and approaches.

Communicate, Collaborate, Cooperate.

Connect from Where You Are.

MAXimize Your Success From Home.


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