Prospecting Tips You Can Use Today

“Your company has a proven path to Marketing Success, and you need to walk that path, step by step. You need to use the tools your company provides, use the training they provide, use the online tools they provide, and any other business building resource they offer.”1

At Max, the path to success already exists.


  • Duplicable
  • Has proven to be effective
  • Is an approach that works no matter what your rank is or where you are

Connect. Converse. Communicate.

Nowadays, instead of meeting someone in person to introduce Max, you can do it:

  1. Through Social media channels – FaceBook, Instagram, What’s App.
    • Meet new prospects by noticing friends’ interests as they pop up on posts. Or notice friends’ of friends interests. When you see common interests or lifestyle similarities, start a conversation.
    • LIKE pages.  JOIN groups. ENGAGE with others who have similar tastes, who are like-minded, who share the same passions and hobbies you do. Strike up a conversation. Chances are these people will appreciate an opportunity to at least learn about RiboCeine™ and Glutathione Enhancement that supports the immune system or they’ll welcome information on the Max Opportunity.
  2. By Contacting Past Prospects who showed Promise or Potential
    • Follow-up with anyone who might have been interested, but who may have needed time, or who may now have changed his or her mind.
  3. Communicating with your upline, your Sponsor, or Max Leaders to collaborate and learn other approaches, tips and tricks, best practices.

    (Communication and location of how and where you do your prospecting and Max introductions are different, but communication is still communication and location is what you choose to make it.)

Here are key topics you should share with and discuss first with prospects who show interest in the product:

  • Glutathione – it Supports the immune system, and is the body’s number one antioxidant
  • RiboCeine™ –  is the Glutathione-enhancing breakthrough technology that Max holds the patent on
  • Max products, made with high-quality ingredients and with RiboCeine technology are quality products backed by reputable science. They have staying power and are a solid foundation for a successful career with Max.

You are a product of the products. You have first-hand experience taking the product and from that experience, you develop your “My Max Why’ story. This is the ‘You’ story you share that is unique, familiar, genuine, and believable. These are characteristics that help you establish trust while you share how and why you joined Max. Max products are the foundation of the Max Opportunity.

Sources to Support Your Success

  • Max’s Leaders, including Max Diamonds, continue to share best practices that are duplicable and shareable
  • Max Corporate supports your success with many resources. Ask your Sponsor and team mates to share what they know

And Remember: Relationships are central to success, can still be established, and require trust and on-going communication to be strong and beneficial.

Duplicate. Share. Duplicate. Repeat.
Keep The Faith. Be Well. Stay Home.


1 Top 3 Secrets of Network Marketing Success, Doug Firebaugh

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