On Wednesday, June 10, Max International had the unique opportunity to host a virtual conversation organized and hosted by the United Nations (UN) and the United Nations Association of Georgia – Carolinas, respectively.

Max was honored not only for having been included in the event, but also for having the unique opportunity to participate alongside Ambassador Andrew J. Young. Ambassador Young is, among many things, a renowned Civil Rights icon, the former Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, and Ambassador to the United Nations.

As a guest mediator and presenter of What A Wonderful World, Max CEO Joe Voyticky and Karen Graham, Emmy award-winning reporter from Sign1 News, addressed questions from listeners and attendees, provided feedback during the discussions, and engaged in thoughtful conversation with other special guests.

The UN75 Initiative
This year’s UN topic for consideration was the UN75 Initiative.

The UN75 Initiative aims:

  • To motivate discussion and encourage opinions from around the world.
  • To initiate dialogues within and across borders, sectors, and generations. The aim is to reach as many people as possible.

The Objective of The Seminar was

  • To stimulate longer-term discussion – and action – on reinvigorating global cooperation and on solutions to the biggest challenges we face.

This year, to add to the importance of the 75th Anniversary and to emphasize its relevance for all demographics and ages, the UN encouraged dialogue with younger participants. The outcome was a resounding success with several young men and women providing questions, thoughts, and feedback.

The views and ideas generated will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials at a high-profile event in September 2020, as well as disseminated online and through partners on an ongoing basis.

Watch the UN75 What A Wonderful World Replay here:

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