Max’s Global Convention 2020 is Coming soon!

With focus and fortitude, we forge through adversity. Together, we rise to any occasion to overcome obstacles. We are optimists who choose to be better. We have the strength of diversity.

We Are Max. We Are One. And We Are Undivided.

From our cultures and corners of the world, we are experiencing a challenge unlike any before. In safer increments, we have put ourselves at greater distances. With determination we keep going. We persevere. As always, we support each other. Through it all, we remain connected. So the time has come to celebrate our triumphant spirit with a Max World-Class Lifestyle Event. It’s time for our

Max International – Virtual! – Global Convention, 2020: UnDivided!

 Get Ready to participate in a Convention unlike any other that’s come before. This one will be even more memorable, epic, and legendary.

Launching October 10th, 2020
Oceania. Asia. Africa. North America & Latin America.

Join us for a week-long, much needed opportunity to learn, laugh, live, and more in Max Style – together with the entire Max Family.

Some of What’s To Come

  • Meet our Max Markets
  • Testimonials:
    • My Max Whys
    • Plus a Big Surprise!
  • Keynote Speakers from around the world
  • Product Detail
  • Cross-Training and Best Practices from Leaders and Max Corporate
  • What’s New This Year
  • Glimpses of the Max Lifestyle
  • Talent Show
  • Recognition
  • Reveals

Stay Tuned!
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