Max International Asia is Honored to Welcome Motivational Speaker and Keynote Presenter Mr. Francis Kong

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Saturday, October 10
Start of Zoom Registration – 2:30 pm HK time (12:30 am MST)
Start of Event – 3 pm HK time (1 am MST)

World-Renowned Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Writer, and Expert at Living Life to Its Full Potential

FRANCIS KONG is a prominent, influential, successful, respected and revered entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, achiever, and motivational speaker. His work reflects his perseverance and his compassion and passion reflect the spirit of this year’s UnDivided. Mr. Kong has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the critical variables needed to create success in the important aspects of our lives. He shares valuable insight into the fulfilling and meaningful ways to achieve personal growth and desired goals.

As a leader who champions trust and humility, kindness and generosity, and passion and purpose, Francis J. Kong motivates others to build and achieve personal and professional success with integrity and decency. He inspires his audiences to continually experience personal growth; encourages all to lead by example; emphasizes the importance of building lifelong, meaningful relationships. And he instills in others a desire to discover their most amazing selves.

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