To all our Max UnDivided 2020 Global Award Winners we say Congratulations!

During our Max International Global Convention Week 2020: UnDivided,  you, our Max Associates, carried out the Max tradition of selecting candidates for Max’s Global Awards. Each Associate who participated in the voting chose an Associate(s) who was thought to be the most deserving of the award. To follow are the Global Award Winners  in each category.

Max 2020: UnDivided
Annual Global Award Winners

Team Builder Award
Associate who builds and promotes their team in a commendable manner — one who focuses on the team, not on themselves.

2020 Award Winner is:
Imoni Steve Otaghogho (Nigeria)

Leadership Excellence Award
Associate who leads by example in utilizing the best practices, regardless of their rank.

2020 Award winner is:
Jose Miguel Hernandez (EL Salvador)

Partnership Award
Associate who displays Leadership company-wide with tenacity and humility.  Supports all Max Associates,  helping build all teams throughout Max.

2020 Award winner is:
Williams Gyimah (Ghana)

Max Gives Back (Humanitarian) Award
Associate who donates time, energy, and money to charitable causes in the community and abroad. Leads by example in giving back.

2020 Award winner is:
Karen Livingstone (Australia)

Entrepreneur Award
Associate who demonstrates entrepreneurship in their Max business.

2020 Award winners are:
Maria Sandra Beatriz Ramos Torres and Wiliam Alfredo Nerio (EL Salvador)

Legacy Award
Associate who empowers people to build a legacy of significant change in their life and the lives of others.

2020 Award winners are:
Bernie & Evelyn Yalung (PH)
Rachel Thomas (MY)

Vision Award
The Associate Leader who has demonstrated consistency, integrity and commitment to the Max Mission, Vision, and Values!

2020 Award winner is:
Anne Turnbull (Canada)

Undivided Award
A Max Associate who demonstrates Perseverance and Resilience when faced with challenges or adversity.

UnDivided Award Winners Are: 
Greny & Jhoanna Guadamor (PH)

2020. Wow. It’s been a crazy, unpredictable, roller coaster ride of a year. But, in classic Max Style, these Global Award Winners have maintained momentum, persevered, stayed connected, remained focused, and have continued to successfully carry out the Max Mission.  Congratulations again and thank you for your exemplary leadership and commitment.

We Are Max. We Are One. And We Are Undivided.

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