Legacy VO Up Until The End Of The Month!

Get to Know the Enhanced Virtual Office
Before the Existing Virtual Office Goes Away

On December 31, 2020, the Legacy Virtual Office (the former VO) will be discontinued and no longer available.

You Have Until Then To Access the Legacy VO while you’re Learning the Latest Nuances of the most recently updated version of your back office.

Explore and Experience the Enhancements:

  • It is more user friendly
  • It has what you need to elevate your business

We value your feedback. As you navigate your way through the enhanced V.O., we ask that you please provide your input whenever possible. Your observations have already been and will continue to be utilized and considered for on-going enhancements.

If you encounter any problems, experience any difficulties, or have trouble with any of the functionality, please email vofeedback@max.com, describe your issue in detail, and include screenshots whenever possible.

The Legacy VO Will be Discontinued and No longer Available 
Starting January 1st, 2021

Thank you.

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