2021: Max Strong


We should have known a year with those numbers was destined to be epic. This was the closing year of the second decade in the second millennium. 

Thus far, epic it has been. We have, on a global scale, faced a difficult and daunting situation that redefines the way all of us have to live our lives.

And as we approach the new year, the sentiment most of us share is that 2021 MUST be better than this one.

Amen. Agreed.

But before our run for 2021 finally pays off, we owe it to ourselves to take a look at where we’ve been and what we’ve done. 

In an industry where strong relationships are nearly mandatory and with very little time to prepare, last March, our Max Family, including Associates and Corporate, had to effectively manage successful businesses while maintaining healthy physical distances. 

Within days, we began figuring out effective ways to communicate with each other, and collaborated for solutions.

We were fortunate in that our message of proactive health, built over 12 years, resonated in the face of a global crisis. We know the importance of a healthier immune system. And now the world knows that, too.

We Zoomed. We GoTo-ed. We Face-Booked.

We Improved our time management, our flexibility, our empathy, and our most important skill – our communication. And we are still standing. 

As we head into 2021, we now know we can hope for the best, have a realistic view about what may be the worst, and prepare to put up an admirable fight that we know will withstand any challenge. 

2020 may have been an exceptionally challenging year we’ll never forget, but, in another regard, it may also have been our very best year yet. 

Why? Because in the face of adversity, we adapted and grew. Our Global family worked hard TOGETHER and NOW we are better than ever. How were we able to do it? It’s simple: 

We Are Max. We Are One. And We Are UnDivided.

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