In Memoriam…

Today we take pause to recognize and reflect upon the elevated enthusiasm, the passion, the kindness, and the generosity of one man – Moses Awotu Okole, affectionately known as Coach Moses, a Gold Associate from Nigeria. It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Coach Moses, a dedicated, creative, patient, hardworking man, has passed away.

To his family, it is with deep sadness and grief, and utmost respect and gratitude that we extend our heartfelt and profound condolences and love.

Anyone who had the fortune of being in Coach Moses’s company – on any occasion –  felt graced by his presence,  his attention,  his creativity, and his conviction. You, like we at Max do, undoubtedly feel the pain of his absence and the emptiness of his loss weighs heavily upon all of us.

Whole heartedly and humbly, Coach Moses consistently invested the very best of himself in his work. Without hesitation and to whatever level necessary, Coach Moses thoughtfully helped and supported other Associates in their quests for  progress and success.

In our days to come,  for the loss of our friend and colleague, we may ask ourselves what now are we to do. We may likely feel somehow diminished. Perhaps we will. But not for long, for what remains for all of us here and for our sake is the spirit of a most remarkable man with a heart and influence so genuinely grand and magnificent that he will continue on in our hearts, encouraging us with what he so graciously gave of himself and gifted to us.

For your positive approach, hopeful attitude, unique thinking, and comforting character,  wherever you may be, we thank you beyond measure.

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