50 for 500

Enroll, Retain & Win!

Eligible Markets:

USA, Canada, Aus/NZ & Latin America

(Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador)

March 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021

500 New CV Equals $50.00 for You*

Accrue 500 NEW ENROLLMENT CV generated from newly enrolled Associates’ and/or newly enrolled Preferred Customers’ orders and receive a $50.00 Bonus/Reward.

  • $50.00 will be awarded for every increment of 500 New Enrollment CV generated per month.
  • No Cap on NEW monthly Enrollment CV generated
  • A maximum of 1000 New Monthly Enrollment CV per order per account will count as New Monthly Enrollment CV Points.

CV generated from additional product orders placed in any month during the promotion period by a new Associate and/or Preferred Customer who enrolls during the promotion period will also count towards the NEW ENROLLMENT CV generated for the month in which an order is placed.

The 500 Club:

All Bonus Winners Will Receive Special Recognition!


The Grand Finale

Top Earners
3000 New CV – $100.00
5000 New CV – $200.00


The Top 5 Earners with at least 5000 New Enrollment CV Earned


The Grand Prize Point-Earner With at least 5000 New Enrollment CV
Will Receive:

  • Another $250.00!
  • Fantastic Prizes
  • Recognition


Go to your Virtual Office to check your progress and track your points!

*500/50 Promotion Rules and Requirements

  • At the start of each month, New Enrollment CV promotion points will reset to zero.
  • No points from a given month will carry over to subsequent months.
  • Bonuses will be paid out in USD or local market currency equivalent
  • Bonuses will be awarded in the monthly commission period following the month in which the New Enrollment CV bonus was earned.
  • A maximum of 1000 New Enrollment CV promotion points per new enrollee can be generated per order per month per account.
  • Applies solely to Orders with Retail, Wholesale, or Loyalty Pricing.
  • New Enrollment CV can be generated from orders placed by newly enrolled Associates and / or Preferred customers in any Max Market as long as the Sponsor is registered in a Max market approved to participate in Max’s 50 for 500 Promotion
  • Participation in Friends & Family and 50 for 500 simultaneously is not permitted.

All Max Policies & Procedures, and Compensation Plan Rules & Regulations apply to the 500 Club Promotion.

Max International reserves the right to change the program at any time, interpret the rules of the program, and has final decision in the event of any disputes regarding the qualification requirements and inclusions.

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