Max Diamonds Are Ready To Go!

Sports Cars. Bright Diamonds. Green Lights. 
What do these have in common? 

Not a lot unless you were among our Max Diamonds who joined May 10th’s exclusive Get Ready! webinar hosted by Max VP of Global Events and Recognition, Jennie Neff, and Max CEO, Joe Voyticky. 

Like a fast car at a red light, Max’s Global Events were revved to go but at a standstill. Max Events guru Jennie Neff has been gearing up to move forward with Max’s prestigious Diamond Retreats and Destined 4 Diamond excursions. But, for more than a year, these Max Lifestyle Adventure arrangements have been interrupted, stopped, slowed down,  and even canceled due to Covid-19 and its aftermath and restrictions.

Now, after months and months of determination, patience, and rescheduling, the dates are set, the locations are secured, and (at least for now!) we’ve been given the green light. 

Qualifying Diamonds are all set to get ready to go! 
Joe Voyticky and Jennie Neff broadcast live to announce the awesome news.
What’s ahead:

 July 14 – 19, 2021
Diamond Retreat 2020 boasts
The Maldives as its paradise destination

The Maldives are set in the ocean in a remote destination where relaxation and revival amidst a serene turquoise sea and sparkling sky invigorate the senses and rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Retreat. Reawaken. Relax. Revive.
In Maldives, Diamonds Shine.

Contact for more details.

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