Max WINS AGAIN In West Africa for Outstanding Health and Wellness Company

Max International has won once again as the Outstanding Health and Wellness Company of the Year. The honor was announced at the 3rd Edition of the Ghana – West Africa Business Excellence Awards.

The Ghana – West Africa Business Excellence Awards is endorsed by West Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Strategic Accountancy Africa.

The awards dinner event was hosted on Friday, 21st May, 2021, in Ghana at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel.

  • Max CMO Larry Lowe, CFO FOR GHANA Sowah Tettefio, GHANA ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER Miriam Mahama, HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER FOR GHANA Annette Marsaano, and MARKETING AND EVENT COORDINATOR FOR GHANA Abdul Buhari, attended the Event, proud to represent Max International and the life-changing premiere products and opportunity it has to offer.

Max International was previously recognized in 2019 for working to bring health, wealth, and significance to communities in West Africa. For more than thirteen years, Max’s premium quality, glutathione-enhancing products have helped strengthen a healthy immune system. We are honored to once again receive this prestigious award, especially with the challenge of the pandemic over the last year.

More than ever, the world is acknowledging the importance of strengthening immune systems and this award reflects a global shift in proactive healthcare.

A special thanks to all of our African corporate team and Associates throughout Ghana for all of your hard work for making this achievement possible this year. It was more important than ever for us to contribute to the successful development of the community and work to bring health and wellness to the Ghana region.

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