Medical Symposium Series Part II

Medical Symposium Series Part II:
 D-Ribose-L-Cysteine (DRCL) and Its Function in Wound Healing

Presented by
Dr. Adam E. Saltman, M.D., Ph.D.


The Nutritional Supplementation of  D-Ribose-L-Cysteine in Wound Healing

Presented by
Dr. Jeanette Roberts, Ph. D., M.P.H.

Friday, June 25th, 2021
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Overview of Wound Healing Study
The disruption of cellular, anatomical, and functional continuity of a living tissue is considered a wound. Wounds can occur by accident or are the result of surgical incisions. If left to heal on their own, some wounds can become worse with infection, can devolve into chronic wounds, can leave painful scars or keloids, and can lead to unexpected health problems. Increasing the rate at which a wound heals can help minimize this possibility.

The aim of wound care and wound-healing is to administer a treatment that effectively expedites wound healing in as short of a time as possible, with as little pain and scarring as possible, and with the affected area and surrounding tissue returned to a strength as close to their original state as possible.

Join Harvard graduate and Columbia University alum Dr. Adam E. Saltman for Max International’s Medical Symposium Part II:  D-Ribose-L-Cysteine (DRCL) and Its Function in Wound Healing to learn about current findings of the role of nutritional supplementation of DRCL in the treatment of wounds and wound healing.

Dr. Saltman will demonstrate:

  • The advantages of wound healing
  • The processes of the wound-healing study
  • The key role D-Ribose-L-Cysteine (DRCL) plays in wound healing, i.e. the findings

Overview of Supplementation of DRCL
Dr. Roberts, under the supervision of renowned Medicinal Chemist, Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa, and as a key member of his research team, helped develop a prodrug of D-Ribose-L-Cysteine. Dr. Roberts will discuss the role of DRCL in cellular function and the endogenous enhancement of Glutathione.


Adam E. Saltman, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Adam Saltman is a dual fellowship-trained surgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest. Following medical school at Columbia University, general surgery residency at the Deaconess/Harvard Surgical Service, and thoracic surgery fellowship at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, he completed an advanced fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology at Harvard.

Dr. Saltman specializes in the treatment of benign and malignant disorders of the lung, esophagus, diaphragm, thymus, mediastinum, and chest wall. He also treats atrial fibrillation with a revolutionary new minimally invasive surgical treatment called thoracoscopic ablation.

He has extensive experience in all forms of minimally invasive chest surgery. As an Associate Professor of Surgery at SUNY/Downstate, Dr. Saltman’s research interests include protection of the heart from ischemia, the mechanisms and treatment of atrial fibrillation, and nutritional enhancements of wound healing.

Currently, Dr. Saltman is the Chief Medical Officer for Eko Devices, a manufacturer of artificial intelligence-enabled, digital stethoscopes.

Jeanette Roberts, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Jeanette Roberts
 earned her B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania and her Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She served fifteen years at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, four years as a professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division at the University of Wisconsin, and then eleven years as Dean of the School of Pharmacy at UW.

Dr. Roberts also served as the Director for the UW Madison Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. As a graduate student, Dr. Roberts worked directly with Dr. Nagasawa and wrote her doctoral thesis on the development of RiboCeine™.

Bobbi Horne
Bobbi Horne 
is a Cardiovascular Specialist with PULS Cardiac Test and DNA Practitioner with SmartDNA.

Joe Voyticky, Max International CEO
Joe Voyticky
 is a Harvard Law School Graduate (1992). He was a Finance Lawyer in New York for fourteen years. In 2009 Mr. Voyticky served as lead counsel on several Max Initiatives and, that same year, was instrumental in the acquisition of the RiboCeine technology by Max International.

Join Healthcare Professionals and Peers for Innovative and Informative Findings in the Function of Nutritional Supplementation of DRCL in Wound Healing.

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